This Week in Web3 and NFTs: Audrey Nuna, Onchain Summer, Paragraph & more!

Paragraph x Mirror
This Week in Web3 and NFTs: Audrey Nuna, Onchain Summer, Paragraph & more!This Week in Web3 and NFTs: Audrey Nuna, Onchain Summer, Paragraph & more!


This Week in Web3 and NFTs: Audrey Nuna, Onchain Summer, Paragraph & more!

Paragraph x Mirror
This Week in Web3 and NFTs: Audrey Nuna, Onchain Summer, Paragraph & more!
Paragraph x Mirror

Welcome to the OpenSea digest. Let’s look back through the biggest NFT and web3 news of the week.

Audrey Nuna and SYKY drop ‘Glamour as Armour’

Digital fashion platform SYKY and Korean-American hip hop musician Audrey Nuna are blending the smooth vibes of R&B with the cutting-edge world of AR with their release of a new virtual fashion line, “Glamour as Armour.”

The collection was designed by digital artist Fanrui Sun and coincides with Nuna’s new single, “Jokes On Me.” The digital wearables feature metallic designs evoking the spirit of Nuna’s signature “rage n B” style. The pieces come with AR try-ons and downloadable 3D files. Collectors can join a virtual hangout with Nuna and Sunw, alongside an invitation to a social event with Nuna in NYC May 14.

The pieces are available, with sales ending May 16. Check them out here

Base’s Onchain Summer is coming back

Base’s Onchain Summer back. This June will mark the return of the popular initiative, where Ethereum layer-two Base and its partners will offer 600 ETH to a new wave of digital innovators.

The event starts on June 3 with a month-long hackathon featuring daily showcases between creators, developers and artists. Projects that demonstrate practicality and ingenuity will have the chance to reach global audiences and reportedly earn some prizes, grants and gas credits. 

Learn more about how to participate in Onchain Summer here

Paragraph acquires Mirror

Paragraph, a key player in creator-driven publishing, has acquired Mirror, a decentralized content platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. The announcement came in tandem with Paragraph's recent $5 million investment from Union Square Ventures and Coinbase Ventures.

This strategic move aims to combine Mirror’s and Paragraph’s relative strengths in onchain publishing. Both Paragraph and Mirror offer unique features designed for web3 content creation, but Paragraph has tools for token-gated newsletters, AI-powered writing assistance and detailed analytics, while Mirror’s forte is blogging, with built-in tools for SEO and discovery. 

Paragraph CEO Colin Armstron will remain at the helm, with Mirror founder Denis Nazarov now serving as an advisor. Learn more about the merger here

Yuga Labs partners with Somnia

Yuga Labs, creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and decentralized gaming hub Somnia are teaming up to give collectors a better metaverse experience.

The move is meant to improve interoperability within the Otherside, BAYC’s metaverse. According to sources, Yuga Labs will use Somnia’s newly launched Metaverse Browser to host quests that invite players to utilize avatars across a broad range of interactive experiences. Somnia’s Metaverse Browser is described as a decentralized version of the Steam video game store. 

Sophia Amoruso teams up with MNTGE for a digitally authenticated vintage tee collection

Now’s the time to stock up on your favorite band tees. MNTGE, the NFC chip-enabled vintage clothing company, has partnered with Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso on an exclusive vintage collection featuring iconic tees from bands like Iron Maiden, the Rolling Stones, Cypress Hill and more. The line taps into nostalgia, but with a modern twist that includes digital authentication. 

On May 9, MNTGE dropped another batch of vintage tees featuring graphics from famous pop culture films like “Pulp Fiction,” “Dragon Ball Z” and more. 

Draup introduces FEED, instant fashion for the digital age

Digital fashion platform Draup just announced its latest project, FEED. A new piece in the FEED collection will be created whenever a new, interesting online phenomenon pops up and catches a creator’s attention. The inspiration could be a viral trend, a popular event or any meme-like activity happening online.

As soon as the new piece is created, it becomes available for digital wear. Anyone interested in “wearing” the item can apply on Draup’s website.

Each digital dress-up opportunity will be awarded to one person and lasts only until the next piece of the collection gets created and released. 

Boys Club Net Gala stirs conversation with surveillance-themed party

The inaugural Net Gala, organized by web3 media brand Boys Club, made a chic debut in a Brooklyn warehouse on May 3. Drawing over 500 attendees, the event featured avant-garde attire inspired by the digital age alongside tech exhibits like real-time video feeds, VR headsets and a digital confessional booth.

The surveillance-themed gala reportedly raised over $5,000 to promote STEM education for girls. 

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