This Week in Web3 and NFTs: BROWN x BEANZ, Pudgy Toys & more

“BROWN x BEANZ” hooded figurine
This Week in Web3 and NFTs: BROWN x BEANZ, Pudgy Toys & more
“BROWN x BEANZ” hooded figurine

Welcome to the OpenSea digest. Let’s look back through the biggest NFT and web3 news of the week.

BEANZ Sell Out First Product Drop with IPS: BROWN x BEANZ Figurine

Preorders of the BROWN x BEANZ figurine, a collaboration between Azuki creator Chiru Labs and global creator studio IPX (formerly Linefriends), has officially sold out. 

According to the project’s announcement on X, the “BROWN x BEANZ” hooded figurine sold out quickly on January 25. The Jay figurine dons a hoodie that pays tribute to BROWN, a popular character in IPX’s much-loved BROWN and Friends universe.

This success marks a major triumph in the merging of web3 technology with physical collectibles, with reports of another limited-edition BEANZ x IPX collaboration already coming up on the horizon. 

Licensing For Chapter 2 of Pudgy Toys Is Now Live With Overpass

Ready to bring your Pudgy Penguin to life (again)? Licensing for Chapter Two of Pudgy Toys is now live. 

The popular PFP collection just announced the official beta launch of Overpass, its much-anticipated intellectual property licensing platform that facilitates the brand’s permission to use holders’ IP both at scale and transparently through blockchain.

IP licensing is not new to the Pudgy universe; the project already licensed holders’ IP once before in 2022 with the release of Pudgy Toys Chapter One. However, Overpass makes it easier and removes some of the clunkiness, thanks to a partnership with dev-friendly legal protocol SaaSy Labs

There’s also a new multiplier mechanism, Pudgy Rods, that claims to initiate certain deals while automating part of the payout calculation process. Catch the X Space replay here to find out more about how to land your Pudgy Penguin the next starring role in an upcoming Chapter of Pudgy Toys, or even connect with broader partnerships outside of web3.

Sotheby's Makes History With Sale of 'Cord’ by Ana Maria Caballero

In a victory for literary art, Colombian-American poet Ana Maria Caballero’sCORD” fetched 0.28 BTC (approximately $11,430) at a Sotheby’s auction last week, making it the first individual poem auctioned by Sotheby’s in its 280-year history. 

“Bitcoin the mother of all blockchains, a perfect home for my poem,” tweeted Caballero, whose work examines the mammalian experience of motherhood and cultural gender norms. 

Featured as part of Sotheby’s Natively Digital NFT sale, “CORD” signifies a major milestone for poetry’s value in the digital age.

Tom Sachs’ Rocket Factory’s Galaxy Launches on Monaverse

Sculptor Tom Sachs has joined forces with metaverse world-building platform Monaverse to launch the Final Frontier, a hand-built metaverse galaxy experience designed for select holders within Sachs’ Rocket Factory universe.  

The innovative collab makes a total of 1,000 planets and 5,666 apartment NFTs available for presale exclusively to Mars Rocks holders and those who own a Rocket Factory ID NFT (originally issued at NFT NYC 2023) for 0.05 ETH. After that, any remaining NFTs will be made available for public sale on Feb. 8 for .08 ETH.

Powered by Monaverse’s new creator studio, Sachs’ project originally began as a brainchild of the 2021 NFT boom and is the third and final phase of Rocket Factory.

Yuga Labs Announces Work-In-Progress Mobile Games

In the teaser of all teasers, Yuga Labs Gaming appears to have announced a partnership with game studio Faraway, with an exciting new gaming experience coming in the second half of 2024.

The tweet, leading with the cryptic hook, “Explore. Craft. Conquer. Rise. Kodas make the best Captains 🫡”, suggests that players will embark on adventures as their NFT avatars from the Otherside universe, including the buzzy and mysterious Kodas

Yuga’s announcement garnered significant attention, with over 191,000 views. Yet the company stressed that all visuals and graphics included in the tweet are still a “WIP” (work in progress), hinting at more refined art, text and user interface (UI) to come.

Immutable zkEVM Mainnet Now Live In Early Access

It’s official. Mainnet for Immutable zkEVM, a new gaming-focused Ethereum Layer 2, is in “early access” mode.

According to sources, developers have the first opportunity to test out building on the Polygon-powered chain. Broader access is planned for later in 2024, starting with the action role-playing game, Guild of Guardians, and card-based strategy game Shardbound

Players can expect an overall upgraded gaming experience, with improvements such as gas-free transactions, better security and smart contract templates for easier transactions.

‘Scent of the Metaverse’ Perfume Available at Harvey Nichols

What is digital perfume? A new fragrance called the “Scent of the Metaverse” is trying to formulate an answer to that very question. Created by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) under Rook Perfumes, the new scent aims to assign sensory notes to the collective experience of being online. 

In a recent article, Rook Perfumes founder Nadeem Crowe described the scent as “unusual” and evoking associations with the artificial. The perfume conjures up memories of “cleaning dust out of old desktop computers, the smell of warm laser printer paper and hot capacitors,” Crowe said.

In a world that is increasingly logging on, pinging, snapping, chatting and DMing, this innovation in perfumery merges our new abstract realities with tangible luxury. The product is now sold at British luxury department store Harvey Nichols

RSX | The Scent of the Metaverse: Verse 1 Extrait de Parfum

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