This Week in Web3 and NFTs: Claire Silver, Bluesky, Doodles & more

translucency by Claire Silver
This Week in Web3 and NFTs: Claire Silver, Bluesky, Doodles & more
translucency by Claire Silver

Welcome to the OpenSea digest. Let’s look back through the biggest NFT and web3 news of the week.

Claire Silver's "corpo | real" Digital Fashion Drop Sells Out, Raising 500 ETH

In case you missed it, Claire Silver's corpo | real NFT collection completely sold out on January 31, raising a staggering 500 ETH (approximately $1.17 million). 

Quickly becoming one of web3’s most iconic AI artists, Silver’s latest avant-garde pieces explore the concept of physical form in the digital age. 

As the name suggests, the collection challenges viewers to rethink what role corporeal (bodily) existence plays in an era defined by technology. 

Bluesky Is Open to the Public After a Year as an Invite-Only App

Bluesky, Jack Dorsey's decentralized social network, is now publicly accessible after a year of being invite-only. Now anyone can sign up, no code required. 

Shortly after the February 6 announcement, the app gained over 850,000 new accounts and crossed a total user base of 4 million people. 

Bluesky is known as an “open-source Twitter alternative.” It’s poised to disrupt the current social media ecosystem by letting users have more control over their online interactions. Built on the AT social networking protocol, the app reflects a potential shift towards user-owned data and communities and became popular among web3 collectors, artists, and builders when it first launched in 2023. 

The app’s CEO Jay Graber recently hinted at more surprises to come, specifically a new “Federation” feature that allows users to take their followers to other apps if and when they leave.

PlayEmber Partners with Pixelmon

Emby media server and multiplayer open-world game, Pixelmon, are setting the NFT gaming scene ablaze with a new casual mobile game partnership, set to launch in Q2 of 2024.

Developed and published by Playember studio, the collaboration promises to blend Pixelmon's vibrant world with Playember's gaming expertise. With Playember's impressive track record of over 40 mobile games and 120 million downloads, Pixelmon hinted at a rollout coming this spring.

alignDRAW acquired by the Worcester Art Museum

Massachusetts' famous Worcester Art Museum (WAM) recently acquired three innovative works from AI scientist Elman Mansimov's trailblazing alignDRAW project. The pieces will be featured in WAM’s Spring Exhibition, "New Terrain: 21st-Century Landscape Photography."  

The selection includes three gridded AI outputs created by Mansimov’s text-to-image prompts. The three grids acquired are entitled:

  • "A stop sign flying in blue skies", alignDRAW (2015)
  • "A herd of elephants flying in the blue skies", alignDRAW (2015)
  • "A green school bus parked in a parking lot", alignDRAW (2015)

This acquisition marks a significant moment in the acceptance and integration of NFTs and AI art by traditional art institutions.

Doodles Partners With G-SHOCK

Beloved NFT project, Doodles, is partnering with Casio’s colorful luxury sports watch collection, G-SHOCK

On February 6th, Doodles gave Doodles alien holders a token that can be exchanged for a signed alien vinyl by Doodles artist Burnt Toast, a G-SHOCK box, and a Doodles alien hat. Those with green aliens will also get unique original concept art. The redemption process starts February 26.

To add to the fun, a special pop-up event will be held at art apparel store 2G TOKYO from February 9 to 11 where the watch and other exclusive items, each paired with a digital item, will make their debut.

Then, mark your calendars for February 15, when the much-anticipated Doodles x G-SHOCK collaboration will officially drop. The collection will include a unique watch adorned with the "touch grass" motif and a digital collectible retailing at $169. 

Doodles fans can also expect special airdrops and perks, with early access and benefits for OG holders and the VIRTUAL G-SHOCK community.

ENS and GoDaddy To Link Web Domains and ENS Names

Long-time domain registry website GoDaddy and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) linked up this week to revolutionize traditional web domains by combining them with the blockchain

According to The Block, this partnership paves the way for GoDaddy’s massive, 20 million-strong user base to dip their toes into crypto. Now, GoDaddy users can connect their “.com” names to ENS with just a crypto wallet

NFC Nail Company, Chipped, Begins Pre-Sale Phase

On February 2, a new tech-driven nail design and personal networking product hit the market: Chipped!

Born from a collaboration with community-driven beauty platform KIKI World, these press-ons don't just dazzle; they connect. The nails serve as a stylish accessory, but with just a smartphone tap, wearers can also share their social profiles with friends, colleagues, and new connections. 

So far, Chipped's pre-order sale has tech enthusiasts and style mavens alike connecting their social profiles to their fingertips. At $49 for 22 nails, Chipped is proving tech can be chic, accessible, and, above all, fun.

Pre-order now and read the Chipped backstory on X. 

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