MotoGP™ NinjaStickers Ethereum Edition, now live on OpenSea

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MotoGP™ is the oldest motorsport world championship on the planet. The first formal competition was held in 1949, and comprised of 4 classes: the 500, the 350, the 250, and the 125, with the early days dominated by European manufacturers. Legends such as Giacomo Agostini took center stage until the rise of the American MotoGP™ star in the 80s. Eddie Lawson, Freddie Spencer, Wayne Rainey, Randy Mamola, and Kevin Schwantz, are just a few names that spring to mind.

What is NinjaStickers, and what is our vision?

NinjaStickers is a technology company, whose vision is to build the history of sport online with beautifully presented and easily traded NFTs. We’ve secured the rights to MotoGP™ Intellectual Property, and we’ll be distributing exclusive stickers on OpenSea.

How does it work?

The purchase process is driven by sealed packs. The contents of packs are non-deterministic and delegated to an algorithm that picks sports stars depending on their attributes. Each pack contains 4 stickers, or Icons, as we like to call them, and the content is minted on purchase.

All Icons are organized in Classes, and for each Racing Class we’ve created an Album where all the Icons are on display. Some of the Icon properties include:

  • Stats (Fast Lap 1st, 2nd, 3rd, placements, Podiums, Team, Bike, Season, Championship Titles and more)
  • Rarity
  • Total stickers issued so far of that particular Icon
  • Total owned by the collector
  • Total number of icons to be issued to the market through sealed packs
The bike of Rider Franco Morbidelli

On our website, you can also view up to date race-by-race rankings.

Stickers and Albums

There are a total of 8 Albums and 295 Icons, divided per Racing Class and Sticker type. For each Class we have three categories:

  • Riders
  • Bikes
  • Actions

In addition to the Season Albums, there are two additional Perpetual Albums called Legends and Circuits, both official categories in MotoGP™. There are a total of 19 Circuits and 27 Legends.

Giacomo Agostini, arguably the most successful MotoGP™ rider of all time

The Rider stickers are interactive, can be accessorized, and are organized into shareable albums.

The legendary Andrea Dovizioso

Why blockchain?

We believe blockchain is the only technology that can give life and legitimacy to digital stickers. Everything is transparent: issuance, total availability, authenticity, characteristics, and ownership. Furthermore, Ethereum is the most established technology behind tradable NFT tokens, and OpenSea is the place to be.

All our stickers are sold exclusively through sealed digital packs, but of course, collectors can trade them individually too.

Collectors can follow the live issuance on our website, and get more specific details of the categories, classes, and rarity here.

On sale now

We are starting with the 2019 Season. It is still uncertain whether the 2020 Season will start, but our vision is to go backward with selected Icons of the past years too, bringing you the whole modern era of MotoGP™, from 1995.

The issuance is quite limited. Legendary Icons are limited to 15 per card, Epic to 45, and Rare to 150, following the tables below. Legendary Icons are also only 2% of the total issuance.

We are also planning to add limited edition cards, such as the exclusive Podium Card shown below.

NinjaStickers MotoGP™ Collection is the result of a tremendous amount of work from passionate artists, developers, and entrepreneurs who believe in a shared vision. Packs are now available on our Opensea storefront, with prices rising as more are purchased. Reach out to us on Discord if you have any questions.

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