Meet Sold-Out Vector Artist Grant Yun And His ‘Cow’

Cow by RivenRibbon (Grant Yun)
Meet Sold-Out Vector Artist Grant Yun And His ‘Cow’Meet Sold-Out Vector Artist Grant Yun And His ‘Cow’


Meet Sold-Out Vector Artist Grant Yun And His ‘Cow’

Cow by RivenRibbon (Grant Yun)
Meet Sold-Out Vector Artist Grant Yun And His ‘Cow’
Cow by RivenRibbon (Grant Yun)

A few clicks through Grant Yun’s Instagram page will teach you two things: First, Yun is a talented artist, and second, he is a proud owner of a dachshund puppy. 

But while his mini dachshund Bumi only knows him as dog dad, the rest of the world knows him as the creative mind behind “Life In Japan Editions.” The collection reflects Yun’s childhood memories of visiting Japan. There, the young artist developed his perceptive eye for storytelling through observing what he describes as increasingly modernizing landscapes. 

Yun’s accolades precede him, but so does his artistic style. His collectors agree: In April 2024, Yun re-released “Life In Japan” on Solana, where it sold out in nine minutes

School & Apartments #326/329

As a Bay Area native, Yun cites his Korean-American background and affinity for architecture as two of his biggest artistic inspirations. “Much of my art is focused on my childhood experiences, places I’ve visited, or a location that has inspired me,” he told Right Click Save in September 2023 “My life’s philosophy is to appreciate every moment, which might come from this perpetual existential crisis I’m sure many artists have, especially in the 21st century.” 

Despite feeling the tensions of the modern age, Yun says he tries not to take life for granted and live in the moment. He has built his art career on noticing the world around him and inviting others to see what he sees.

Yun is California-born, but inspired by the Midwest

While Yun was born and raised in California, the Midwest became the headquarters for his launch as an artist. His “Midwest” series is based on the memory of his 2014 move from California to Wisconsin. He writes that in 2019, when starting the series, he “drew in a different perspective than those prior and also used a completely new set of colors.”

The “Midwest” series also ties back to his roots as a medical student — an overlap of all of the aspects of his work that Yun describes matter to him the most. “I wanted people who lived in Wisconsin to connect with their surroundings while they were in the hospital,” shares Yun to Right Click Save.  

Midnight Snack Run #22/25

His ‘Cow’ became a case study in CC0 usage

CC0 is short for Creative Commons Zero licensing, which simply translates to “no rights reserved.” It allows anyone to build upon the original art or content without fear of copyright infringement. 

“Cow,” a work in Yun’s “Midwest” series, holds a CC0 license that sparked excitement and creativity amongst other artists in the NFT space. The gray, black and white cow against the green pastel background became the foundation and inspiration for NFT holders who then went on to create remixes of Yun’s work. Yun celebrated the creations repeatedly across X (Twitter).

His artistic style and process embrace simplicity

No matter the artwork or the creative partner, Yun sticks to creating art in the same way he always has: on a Macbook Pro with Adobe Illustrator. In a sense, he says, his work is like a puzzle making orderly sense out of simple vector shapes. But on a deeper level, it tells the story of shifting modernity and the contrasting values that result. 

In October 2023, Yun was able to add his artistic flair to a participatory art project with 14 other NFT artists and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The MoMA Postcard Exhibition is a virtual exhibition to encourage the easy use and experimentation of web3 technology. Now open to the public, anyone can start ideating on a blank virtual postcard, stamp it and send it along to the next creative partner.

No matter Yun’s creative outlet, he speaks openly about how hard he has worked and how much intention he puts behind pursuing his goals, whether in the art or medical fields.

He writes:

“Before coming into the web3 space and creating NFTs, I told myself one day I will get featured at an auction house, I will be a prolific artist, my work will be in a museum one day as a permanent collection piece. Each day I woke up, I worked towards this goal, despite not having any clear trajectory. With the emergence of web3 art, the path has become much more clear.”

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