Puma MB.03

by puma x gutter cat gang

Puma MB.03

by puma x gutter cat gang

category: SPORTS
token: ERC 1155
chain: ethereum
NBA Star and PUMA Hoops athlete LaMelo Ball and NFT collectible project Gutter Cat Gang (GCG) teamed up to launch a limited-edition Hoops NFT: the MB.03 GutterMelo.



The debut sneakers start as a digital collectible that doubles as a ticket to claim the exclusive physical version during a one-month redemption period. Collectors could use OpenSea to pick and mint NFTs corresponding to their shoe size. The MB.03 GutterMelo NFT is the first sneak peek at the expanding franchise, with more to come during a greater launch slated this fall.

Key stats

Mint volume: $393k
Items minted: 2,337
Unique owners: 1,538
Bought with card: 14%

Why an NFT project?

PUMA, LaMelo Ball, and Gutter Cat Gang launching these sneakers as NFTs signals a new era in fashion where exclusivity and ownership take on a whole new meaning. NFT technology is valuable to the sneaker industry for many reasons: provenance and an immutable record of authenticity and ownership, scarcity and rarity for digital goods, and the ability to buy and sell sneakers without always having to ship the physical item. And because the physical sneakers have a high-quality digital counterpart, GutterMelo collectors can showcase their exclusive ownership in the digital world as well.

OpenSea Effect

The GutterMelo team chose to partner with OpenSea to maximize the success of their drop – with a specific focus on custom technical support and marketing amplification.

Custom technical support

This drop was possible because of the SeaDrop smart contract and a custom-built mint page. SeaDrop allows for the creation of drops with different mint stages and allowlists, and now supports minting of ERC-1155 items, the mechanism that supported multiple NFTs for each shoe size. In addition to supporting the underlying NFT technology with SeaDrop, OpenSea built a bespoke landing page for the GutterMelo drop. This landing page included rich storytelling elements, but most importantly provided a familiar ecommerce-like experience where buyers could choose one or more shoe sizes to purchase.
“We were testing various fiat payment solutions and felt that Opensea’s UI/UX offered a superior user experience.”
Co-FOUNDER, Gutter cat gang

Marketing and amplification

In addition to supporting the technical aspects of the project, OpenSea also amplified the launch through press outreach, posts across Twitter, Instagram, and Discord, email, OpenSea site placements, and more.

How it went

The GutterMelo team’s goals were to build their brand and onboard new users, and it was successful on both fronts.

The MB.03 GutterMelo launch transcended web2 and web3 boundaries and had folks from all communities buzzing about the upcoming drop. Sneakerheads and NFT natives alike were excited to get their hands on the new sneaker.

The drop also made a splash across notable press outlets in both the web2 and web3 spheres such as Complex and CoinDesk, as it signals an innovative and important step towards the future of phygital goods.

In the primary sale, the GutterMelo drop generated almost the equivalent of $400k USD in GMV, with over 2.3k pairs of shoes sold and about 14% coming from fiat payments.

Why it worked

The MB.03 GutterMelo launch was successful because of its innovative and compelling product, easy and familiar buying experience, and strong marketing.

Innovative phygital sneaker product

The MB.03 GutterMelo drop was high-quality all around. The sneaker itself was expertly designed, with unique elements pulled from LaMelo Ball’s and Gutter Cat Gang’s worlds. It maintained the quality that sneakerheads expect from PUMA and LaMelo Ball, and added digital utility and provenance via the blockchain.

Easy and familiar buying experience

The custom page OpenSea built for the drop felt like a traditional ecommerce experience, which allowed people to buy multiple shoe sizes at once and buy with fiat. All this lowered the barrier for minters who might be less familiar with buying NFTs or using crypto.

Marketing from all parties

PUMA, Gutter Cat Gang, LaMelo Ball, and OpenSea all promoted the drop across various channels, making the drop hard to miss both in the sneakerhead and web3 worlds.
“We wanted to reach web2 sneakerheads and basketball fans for this drop. Opensea’s visibility, reach, and marketing prowess helped us do just that.”
Co-FOUNDER, Gutter cat gang
MB.03 GutterMelo NFT holders can claim their physical shoes between July 18 – August 20, 2023 (no raffles). More to come from this partnership in the fall of 2023.

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