Probably A Label

by warner records & probably nothing

A Label

by warner records & probably nothing

Probably A Label is a collaboration between the iconic music label Warner Records and the culture-defining web3 group Probably Nothing, a web3 culture studio started by Jeremy Fall boasting a devoted cult following, distinct style, and hundreds of ETH in volume across their various NFT projects.



Together, these partners set out to build an innovative, NFT-powered community platform to foster interaction between musicians and fans. There are two components to this project: Studio A and Studio B. Studio A is a web3 IP incubator, combining funds from Warner Records with their NFT sales to drop new projects with community input. Holders of the Probably A Label pass are eligible to submit their project proposals for possible incubation, and approved projects receive financing, marketing, creative development, partnership and branding support, and PR. Studio B is a community-based music library, where holders can submit their work and use music from the library in their own projects. Not only does this give creators special access to a library of music they can use in content creation, but it also gives musicians the opportunity to be in a more curated music library, compared with massive alternative databases.

In addition to the project incubator and music library, holders get access to exclusive music releases, IRL events, and more.

Key stats

Total GMV: $2,600,666
Total supply: Infinite
Items minted: 38,045
Minters: 6,679
Mints per minter: 5.7



jeremy fall & warner records

Why an NFT project?

Warner Records and Probably Nothing launched Probably A Label as an NFT project because the technology allowed them to give the community a strong voice in the label's decision making and ensure they benefit from its success, and access to the range of community benefits. These aspects are inherent to NFT technology, and would have to be built separately and from the ground up if not using the blockchain.

OpenSea effect

Probably A Label chose to partner with OpenSea to maximize the success of their drop – with a specific focus on 1) our industry-leading Trust & Safety mechanisms, and 2) our seamless launch support.

Trust and Safety

Imitation and plagiarism can hinder trust across the NFT ecosystem – and copyminting (or copies of authentic NFTs created with the intent to deceive) can make it difficult for a community to decipher what is authentic and what is fake. OpenSea is leading the way in detection and enforcement mechanisms aimed at improving authenticity in this space; and through the partnership, Probably A Label was able to leverage OpenSea’s trust and safety systems – specifically copymint protection, account and collection verification process, and authenticated marketing support – to help protect their community from inauthentic content. This allowed their community to have greater trust that what they were buying was authentic.All of these features help to ensure that existing and potential community members were delivered a safe and secure experience and felt a level of confidence transacting on OpenSea that other marketplaces or standalone project pages are unable to offer.

Marketing and launch support

Every new project is built differently, and therefore requires a partner who can support a diverse set of launch mechanisms (without having to build new processes from scratch). OpenSea supported Probably A Label’s launch with powerful drop mechanics, a frictionless minting experience, and tailored marketing. OpenSea’s drops tool allows projects to tailor their drop mechanics to their goals with a variety of out-of-the-box solutions. In this case, the Probably A Label team wanted to give long standing community members early access via a tiered allowlist structure, and do a delayed reveal with randomly assigned rarities, and OpenSea allowed them to do both.

The Probably A Label team also wanted their experienced buyers to have a simple and familiar mint process, while still making it easy for new community members, and OpenSea was key to providing that experience. OpenSea was the single source of truth for the drop and a destination that many community members were already familiar with. For new buyers, OpenSea provided a simple and easy-to-understand interface, rich storytelling surfaces on the drop page to help communicate all the project details, and educational content through the Learn Center.

In addition to delivering key product support to ensure a successful drop, OpenSea was also an active co-marketer of the project – leveraging OpenSea’s own Twitter, Instagram, and Discord communities, along with email and website placements, to share details and build hype ahead of the mint. OpenSea’s Marketing team also worked closely with the Probably A Label team to advise on their own marketing tactics, including social media and press strategy.
“Ever since I started in the web3 space OpenSea has been synonymous with trust. That’s something that I prioritize with every drop that I’ve done, especially as I onboard new people into our industry.”

Why it worked

The Probably A Label team’s strong project roadmap and community building, combined with OpenSea’s cross-functional support, ultimately led to the success of this drop. Probably A Label identified clear utility they could provide to both musicians and fans, and had a thoughtful project roadmap to delivering value. They also focused on the audiences that most mattered to them, spending a lot of time nurturing sister communities from like-minded projects. Through a strong project concept and a deeply engaged fan base, they had created a community who couldn’t wait to participate in the project.

OpenSea’s high-touch, highly consultative partnership was also key to this project’s success. The Probably A Label team was able to have a robust project page on the front page of the NFT ecosystem, with their desired drop mechanisms, a safe, trusted, seamless mint experience, marketing and press firing across all cylinders, and support from OpenSea team members across many functions all along the way.

Social marketing


How it went

Probably A Label considered a handful of factors to determine if their launch was successful: community reception, industry impact, and revenue— and they hit their goals across all areas. The community was incredibly excited for this project, and it sold out in just a few minutes. The success of this launch was a major step forward in bridging traditional industries with blockchain technology and the web3 community, and served as a strong positive signal for the music NFT industry. Finally, Probably A Label’s generated over $670k USD in GMV from the mint alone, and almost $1M USD to date in secondary sales.
Since their launch in November of 2022, Probably A Label has incubated multiple music projects (some pictured below), gathered submissions for their Studio B library, hosted multiple IRL events, and launched a clothing collection.

Projects by PAL

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