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Music NFTs are changing the way fans connect with their favorite artists. From 3LAU to Imogen Heap, all kinds of creators are innovating on the blockchain, and the appetite for change in an industry that so often underserves independent makers is clear.

Browse collections from The Weeknd, Richie Hawtin, RAC, and more.

Trending collections in Music

Nas - Ultra Black
“Ultra Black” is an anthemic, uplifting reminder of the unignorable contributions made by the Black ...

Groundbreaking generative music collab by Gramatik, Luxas, and Audioglyphs...

Rave Pigs
Rave Pigs is a collection of 6,666 individually unique, generative audio-visual characters from the ...
omgkirby Genesis
The omgkirby genesis collection includes the release of 3,000 unique pieces of generative lofi music...
The Orbs by BT
3,333 unique, evolving audio-visual NFTs by BT.
As the first release from Bitlectro Labs, Dreamloops feature programmatically generated 8-bit musica...
0xmusic is a collection of generative audiovisual DJs - which are called 0xDJs. Each 0xDJ can create...
WVRPS by WarpSound (Official)
WVRPS are the 1st hybrid generative PFP + AI-composed music NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain. ...
Snoop Dogg on Sound XYZ
Created by Snoop Dogg on Sound. Leave a comment on the song at
Snoop Dogg - B.O.D.R
NFTs of Snoop Dogg's B.O.D.R., brought to you exclusively by Gala Music.
10,000 randomly generated, infinite audio NFTs derived from on-chain [Pixelglyph](