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Sven Eberwein_ Abstract Noise

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Sven Eberwein, a self-taught computer-graphic artist and designer at Tesla, describes his work as follows; “of the internet, by the internet, for the internet”. Eberwein started tinkering with design software in his early teens and gradually developed his practice by studying whatever he could get his hands on online. Dropping out of school at age 16 and never receiving formal training in 3D design was all part of the process of him growing as a creator and eventually working at Daimler (the corporation behind Mercedes-Benz) and Tesla. He is truly a wunderkind of the internet, and credits the world wide web; “education has become far more accessible. I’m in the generation that experienced this for the first time, and I think it will become even better in the future.” 

Sven Eberwein, Abstract Noise #3.1

As an artist, Eberwein often works with loud colors, playing with recognizable elements of internet- and crypto-culture. For his latest pieces, however, Eberwein returns to the basics of digital creation. The series Abstract Noise was created with the 1980s computer-design software Pixel Stream Editor, a very rudimentary program that offers a lot of freedom precisely because of its simplicity. The shapes of Abstract Noise are a return to the origin story and ‘power to the people’-mentality of the simpler, early days of the internet. Eberwein explains: “during the past years, the internet became a quasi-oligopoly confined by nation-states. We start to see some resistance against that and a lot of it is manifesting itself through crypto & decentralization.”

The nine artworks of Abstract Noise collection on OpenSea will be auctioned starting Wednesday April 28th, with the remaining works available over the following days.

The collection is part of the solo exhibition Sven Eberwein: Abstract Noise at digital art studio Electric Artefacts. Different from his usual work, this series consists entirely of abstract movements: waves of noise in a sea of NFTs. You can learn more here: https://www.electricartefacts.art/show/abstract-noise 

Sven Eberwein, Abstract Noise #1.1, 2021


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