January 2023 Product Updates

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January 2023 Product Updates
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Updates at OpenSea

In January, we took in our community’s feedback and built the tools and features that our users have been requesting the most.

For the collectors out there, we’ve made huge speed improvements to buying and selling using OpenSea, including real-time pricing changes, live transaction statuses, and sweeping.

On the creator front, we took steps to support on-chain configurations of creator earnings by adding compatibility with the Royalty Registry. And for collections without on-chain enforcement, collectors can now decide the creator earnings percentage they wish to contribute.

We finished off January with an overhaul of to showcase individual category pages for Art, Gaming, Membership, PFP, and Photography NFTs. These new pages give more projects a place to shine and enable more paths of discovery for our users to find new and exciting collections.

Lastly, we believe in a multi-chain future and have taken another step toward it! This month, we expanded our blockchain compatibility to include Arbitrum Nova, Arbitrum's blockchain focused on gaming and social.

Other feature launches from January include:

  • Improved Activity tab now with trait filtering and more transaction types
  • Collection offers that now last up to 30 days and allow up to 100 offers to be placed at at time
  • Improved scatter plot load speed on the Activity tab
  • Easier viewing and downloading of an NFT’s media in its native quality and format
  • Added Live Mint indicator for primary drops and links to drop details
  • Added support for EIP-4906 to reflect on-chain metadata updates
  • Expanded Analytics that go back up to 90 days
  • Streamlined listing edit flow and bulk listing flow
  • New iOS app update to support new designs, optimizations, and bug fixes

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