New MLB Crypto Baseball figures for sale exclusively on OpenSea

We’ve been working with the wonderful folks at Lucid Sight on supporting the secondary market for MLB Crypto Baseball figures. We’re excited to announce the exclusive sale of 27 Crypto Baseball figures on OpenSea. Check them out here.

The auctions are Dutch — meaning a figure can be bought at any point during the duration of the auction. The auctions start at 1 ETH and drop down to 0 ETH over the course of 7 days. Among the figures on sale is a very rare Dee Gordon with a gold bat and base.

Just as exciting, the secondary market for MLB Crypto Baseball items is already starting to take off, with several user-to-user sales already! As always, you can list your items on OpenSea without paying gas, and you can instantly bid on a figure if you see one you’re interested in (even if it’s not on sale).

So grab some popcorn and get geared up to play ball! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to join the OpenSea Discord channel or MLB Crypto Baseball Discord Channel.