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June 30, 2023Phase 1: Tell-A-Viision

Tell-A-Viision NFT is the first 7,677 of 7,777 NFT’s to be launched on the Opensea platform. Within these 7,677 unique NFT’s, the collection has special rarities and those categories are: 77 Zombies, 77 Astronauts, 77 Astro Skulls, 77 Skulls & 77 Big Faces! Mint your Tell-A-Viision now!

TBDTell-A-Viision: Special Edition

Tell-A-Viision Special Edition NFT collection is the last 100 NFT’s from the 7,777 Tell-A-Viision collection. These 100 special 1-of-1 characters include comic book, anime and Egyptian characters, all of which will have gold tv antennas and will be available for auction coming soon, so stay tuned!!!