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About this collection

ERC 721

Tell-A-Viision is a collection of 7,677 of 7,777 unique NFT’s, each telling a vision of the many different people we all can relate to in the world both inside & outside of ourselves from inside and outside of their tv screens.

The Tell-A-Viision collection has special rarities within the 7,677 NFT’s and those categories are: 77 Zombies, 77 Astronauts, 77 Astro Skulls, 77 Skulls & 77 Big Faces! These special characters are highly unique and show a vision beyond ordinary standards, so Viisionary NFT hopes you are fortunate enough to receive one of these rare NFT’s!

<0.1% minted2 / 7,677
The Collection

Tell-A-Viision is a creative collection of PFP characters wearing unique styled clothes representing different types of people, cultures, movements, identities and sexual preferences because Greg believes in unity amongst all people of the world. The television heads represent Greg’s love of good television and movies and also his devotion and dedication to the Mass Media field under Viisionary Productions and Viisionary Arts. Viisionary Productions is the tv head, Viisionary Arts is the unique styles of the characters faces, expressions and styles, while Viisionary NFT merged both companies together under the same umbrella. Viisionary Productions, Arts and NFT is the trinity that came together to create Tell-A-Viision!

Meet the Creative Visionary: Greg McCarthy Jr

Greg McCarthy Jr. graduated Valdosta State University in December 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree and with that, pursued a career in the Mass Media field. In August 2016, Greg created his freelance trademark business, Viisionary Productions, LLC where he has done photography, videography and aerial videography in a few states.

Greg has always been an artist with drawing and painting since a young child, so when he came across the NFT projects being posted on Opensea, he knew he could create a unique NFT collection the world hasn’t seen and would represent the Viisionary brand correctly. In December 2021, Viisionary NFT was created on the Opensea platform and in January 2022, Greg began to learn the proper digital editing techniques of Procreate to begin creating the Tell-A-Viision collection.

Coming Soon: Tell-A-Viision: Special Edition

The Tell-A-Viision collection is really 7,777 in its entirety and the first drop is only the first 7,677. The last 100 are Tell-A-Viision SE (Special Edition) and these characters represent Greg’s love of comic book characters, anime characters and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, all of which will have gold tv antennas, unlike the previous 7,677 predecessors. Stay tuned for these special characters, because they are all 1 of 1 and will be on auction before you know it!