A chat with OpenSea’s first-ever user

As we welcome more and more users to the platform from all corners of the world, we thought now was as good a time as any for a trip down memory lane. In this interview, we chat with Australia-based Nostro, our first-ever user and NFT collector, about OpenSea in the early days of 2018.

How did you discover OpenSea?

I first discovered NFTs while researching Ethereum mining back in 2017. At the time, I was mining Monero and wanted to switch things up. During this time, I saw a post about CryptoKitties that took me to Discord. I believe the chat was called “cryptogametalk”, and Devin (the CEO & Co-founder of OpenSea) was very active in that community. He dropped the link to OpenSea and I loved it immediately!

What was the platform like back then? I guess a lot has changed.

It was simple and had low volume at the time. I remember playing around with storefronts when they first came out. Alex (the CTO and Co-founder) and Devin resolved any issues very quickly in the OpenSea Discord. I started using it every day!

Where do you see the NFT space going over the next few years?

It will not slow down! I am more optimistic than ever, I see so many smart people joining NFTs communities every day, people like j1mmy, natealex, rizzle, strawberrysith, bennolan, mattydcl blogger, and many many more! I plan on incorporating NFTs/Metaverse into my bakery. I believe digital rights and ownership in the metaverse are amazing new frontiers.

Are there any projects our audience should be aware of?

I would say older projects are the most valuable right now. I wouldn’t include projects like Etherock in that group but actual long-running communities that have innovated for years now.

CryptoKitties being the first erc721, gen0s are also a great investment. Axies, well what can you say – Jihoz, Alexander, and co have exceeded most people’s expectations and are building a giant!

Avastars have one of the coolest minting processes I have come across, plus they are fully on-chain which is no small feat. I’m still blown away by j1mmys vision and passion for this space, he helped me understand a lot about the tech and Ethermon, for sheer persistence, the Ethermon presale was my first taste of nfts, idon and co have really pushed the envelope by getting that game into Decentraland. That said, I also have a bag of ETH ready for whatever natealex drops next!!

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