seussian by eniosta: a surrealist escape

Guest post by Enoista

Hi, my name is Mae. I’m a 3D artist from the East Coast of Australia, and I create surreal environment art with the intent to transport the viewer to an alternate reality alongside me. The seussian collection currently contains 20 pieces and will culminate sometime around the end of 2022 at a maximum of 50 pieces.

The response to the first drop of the collection was completely overwhelming – the collection sold out in less than ten minutes, and bought a number of wonderful collectors and connections into my life for which I will be forever grateful.

I have been creating in one way or another most of my life, and I use artist expression as a means of escapism. I have explored many mediums from clay sculpture to photography, but I found my home in 3D in late 2019. Using social and online learning platforms I learned the basics of hard surface modelling with a focus on interior design and began selling my creations as game assets. After around 18 months in this space, I began to feel boxed in by the restrictions of creating for the gaming world and decided to make the move back to creating art for the sake of art.

Seussian was born from this restricted feeling; I was seeking creative freedom and a means with which to get what is inside of me, out. The central theme of the collection is escapism, but each NFT also holds a very special place in my soul as every image is based on a photograph of a pivotal moment in my life. These photographs were chosen very carefully; they had to be important but also vibrant enough to create a palette capable of bringing the piece to life. The practice of a hidden image within the art piece itself creates a deep connection between my lived experiences and the work.

These photographs act as the inspiration for each scene, but also the base of it. Once I select an image, I take it into photoshop and use a variety of tools to blur and paint on it, effectively creating an abstract palette for the piece. Once I’m happy with the image, I make a few notes on what the original photograph actually means to me, and I begin to sculpt out the landscape based on those notes. If the photograph tells a powerful and emotive story, the environment tends to come out more dominant with mountains and cliffs, while peaceful, calming images lend to sand dunes and soft hills. When I am happy with the composition and lighting on each piece I bring in the palette and use a procedural node system to create the ridges and lines that bring seussian to life.

My work tells the story of a life lived, and I’m grateful to have developed the skills that allowed me to explore this side of my creativity. Seussian is like nothing I have ever created before and will stand alone as the collection of work that gifted me with the discovery of a different side of myself. Moving forward I plan to continue moving with the flow of the creative freedom that I found in this collection, developing my skills to ensure that I am able to continue to create work that resonates deep within my soul.