Roll integrates OpenSea data

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We’re happy to announce that OpenSea data is now natively integrated on the Roll app for creator rewards. This allows users to view OpenSea listings for NFTs available in a particular creator’s social money on their respective rewards page. In turn, OpenSea artists can list NFTs in their social currency knowing sales will show up for users browsing Roll.

Listing NFTs for Social Money

Roll has seen explosive growth in digital artists issuing unique social currencies, who leverage the bespoke tokens to build and incentivize their communities. Fans and followers of the creators are rewarded with a direct stake in the success of their favorite makers.

OpenSea allows artists to add their currencies as a payment option on their storefront by filling out this simple form. Once the NFTs are listed for sale, buyers can purchase the items using a Web3 wallet like MetaMask. To get hold of an artist’s social currency, users can earn on Roll or purchase it from an exchange like Uniswap if it’s traded.

WHALE rewards page

It’s not just the artists who benefit

In addition to artist listed items, Roll shows NFTs put on sale by community members. This enables collectors to increase their holdings of a particular currency and expands the use of an artist’s social money to the wider ecosystem.

Featured Artists and Collectors

Here are a few examples of some of the more active social money issuers trading NFTs on OpenSea!

HUE from Connie Digital, an artist at the intersection of technology, music, and digital art. An early social money pioneer. 

SKULL from Skeenee, a Madrid based tattoo artist with signature pieces featuring skulls and anatomy. One of Roll’s most active social money users!

WHALE from WhaleShark, one of the largest and most prolific NFT collectors in the industry.


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