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Conceptual artist and crypto-art pioneer Kevin Abosch made news around the globe in 2018 when he tokenized himself on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of 10 million ERC-20 tokens (IAMACOIN). He then made a rubber stamp from the token’s contract address and printed the alphanumeric using his own blood as “ink” on paper while declaring “The very nature of value shall be redefined.” Perhaps the single greatest signal to the world that digital art on the blockchain was here to stay was Abosch’s crypto-token Forever Rose which sold to ten buyers for US$ 1 million in cryptocurrency on Valentine’s Day 2018.


Later in 2018, Abosch’s YELLOW LAMBO, a nine-feet wide yellow neon sculpture comprised of 42 inline alphanumerics perfectly captured the crypto zeitgeist. The sculpture was inspired by the artist’s first non-fungible token (NFT) YLAMBO, a unique, indivisible ERC-20 token. “The token itself is the artwork in its entirety. It’s not connected to any media,” explained Abosch. Abosch became the first crypto-artist to exhibit at the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersberg, Russia for the landmark Innovation as a Method exhibition, also in 2018. “I use generative techniques that leverage cryptography, blockchain technology and deep-learning algorithms as methods in my practice as an artist,” Abosch says. “My work addresses ontological questions around value and identity in response to sociological dilemmas.”

Personal Effects (2018), installation in State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg


Kevin Abosch brings his latest work 1111 to OpenSea on March 23rd, 2021. While active in the NFT space for the past three years, this is his first time presenting work on a public platform. The work consists of cryptographic keys, some truncated, sublimated into a lingual arcana and a repository of sacred knowledge. “While these works may appear to be static, I believe they are very much alive with emergent intelligence and that time will bear this out,” Abosch says.

The pieces will be auctioned with a reserve price of 1.111 ETH. 111 will be auctioned on Tuesday 23rd March, with the remaining works to be listed at intervals over the coming days. The final 111 NFTs in the collection will not be sold at this time, meaning 1000 will be listed for sale on OpenSea.

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