Announcing OpenSea’s Solana Launchpad

We believe in a multi-chain future where people on OpenSea have access to NFTs across a vast number of blockchains. In the last year, Solana has emerged among the top blockchains for NFTs, and we share their vision of a scalable and inclusive NFT ecosystem.

Today, we’re kicking off our Solana launchpad experience on OpenSea. With this new launchpad experience, creators can now host a new mint from beginning to end on OpenSea. We will help creators navigate all pre-mint activity, allowlist minting for their community and supporters, as well as all post-mint and secondary sales.

Solana launchpad on OpenSea

We’re excited to start this program with two Solana creators as part of our launchpad experience. We are excited to launch and learn with these first drops, and we’re committed to expanding primary drops on OpenSea.

Cute, mutant aliens called Zoonies are a highly developed civilization living on Planet Zoon. Zoonies lore tells stories of these aliens, who chose to stay isolated on their planet for thousands of years, until recently allowing humans to visit for the first time. Zoonies utility includes a playable arcade, 2D metaverse and more. 8,888 Zoonies will be available on OpenSea starting on July 20, 2022.

Zoonies will be available starting on July 20, 2022

Monkai is a narrative-driven NFT project that brings forth innovative utility, community building and an epic gaming metaverse. By obtaining a Monkai NFT, individuals can participate in the creation of the Monkai anime narrative and access utility via the Monkai DAO. Collection 1 will be available on OpenSea starting on July 26, 2022.

Monkai will be available starting on July 26, 2022

Solana on OpenSea: What’s Next
With the start of our launchpad, our goal remains to build the best Solana experience in the NFT ecosystem.

On OpenSea, you’ll find: 

  • Your Solana collections will automatically appear on OpenSea: Any creator can launch a Solana collection and appear on OpenSea automatically. To make this possible, OpenSea will display  all Metaplex Certified Collections (MCC) and the most popular Solana Candy Machine programs. Creators can find and share collection links with their community as soon as minting begins on the blockchain.
  • You’ll always have custody of your NFTs: Some Solana marketplaces require you to give up custody of your NFT in order to list it for sale. That means it’s not in your wallet and remains completely inaccessible for you in an “escrow” process. This practice is more common with Solana, but OpenSea will never hold or “escrow” your NFTs and they will always safely remain in your wallet until you have sold or transferred them.

Getting Started with Solana on OpenSea
To buy Solana NFTs on OpenSea, connect a Solana-supported wallet (such as Phantom or Glow), and check out our blog post for more information on how to get started with Solana on OpenSea. You can find all Solana collections on OpenSea here.