New features & updates, July 2021

July was a busy one for all of us at OpenSea. We doubled our monthly sales volume record, announced our Series B fundraising round, and added several new community-requested features to the platform. Let’s take a look…


The rankings page has been in for a facelift, and you can now filter by chain, floor price, and other metrics.

Created tabs on profiles

Profiles now have a new sidebar and a ‘Created’ tab showing NFTs an artist has made on OpenSea, Foundation, Rarible, their own smart contract, and other marketplaces we track.

Floor prices

Floor prices, a hotly requested feature, are now shown in each collection’s stats section for all the OpenSea power users out there.

This figure represents the lowest price any NFT in a particular collection is available for and is updated by the hour.

Purchasing NFTs with credit & debit cards

As part of the ongoing roll-out of our gas-free marketplace, users can now purchase Polygon assets with credit and debit cards on OpenSea*.

*Not available in all US states and jurisdictions.

Collection page updates

We’ve updated collection pages to show all items, and added filters and a search bar to make browsing easier than ever. Creators can also manage and add NFTs to their collections through a new admin panel at the top of the page.

Blue checkmarks on NFT cards

In the interest of further reducing fraud on the platform, we now show verified checkmarks on asset cards for verified projects (along with a few other icons indicating asset properties).

We want to hear from you

If you have suggestions for features that will benefit the community, reach out to us on Discord or Twitter – we’re always up for hearing ideas on how we can improve the platform!

Join us

NFTs represent a new renaissance in the consumer internet, and it’s the perfect time to join the OpenSea team. If you’re interested in a role, we’re hiring across the board.

(Cover image credit: Vogu)