Title: "The Hypocrites", 2021 with Hi-Resolution Image for Fine Art Prints
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Created by avkoay

The Backstory:

Somehow this unplanned and intuitive piece floated up lots of my unconscious frustrations of the world around my country. I find myself oftentimes relating animals to certain types of people.

The 2-faced hypocritical politicians at the top of the food chain will keep on fooling the village idiots into submission by dumbing them down with low-level education and little gifts that act as bribes.

The camel-like figure dons a Maharajah-style crown but it is actually an empty shell. It represents the religious bigots who use race and religion to lord over others.

The slow-moving, slimy snails and mollusks are in cahoots. Corrupted, lazy and always finding ways to leech off projects and free money. They are placed at the bottom of the barrel.

The self-serving parrot will always just be the mouth-piece of the politicians.. towing the line and scheming for personal profits.

The conch acts like the propaganda loud-speaker that spews hate to divide the people so that they can be conquered easily.

The open hand with a sinister tail signifies thievery and corruption, using the facade of charity and benevolence but in actual fact, milking the country dry.

There is a broken heart in there that signifies the shattered spirit of the people. The flower beside the heart represents a small sliver of hope for the future.

Somehow, the placement of the figures is surprisingly appropriate as it represents the hierarchy of it all. The high and mighty at the top, and the bottom scrapers below.

The bright colors show the supposed front as painted by the politicians, however, behind the veil, it is green with jealousy, envy and deceit among the people.

Title: "The Hypocrites", 2021 Dimension: 6 feet X 4 feet. Medium: Acrylic on canvas


This is a 100% original artwork by me. It is one of my latest pieces and it is digitized from the physical work.

Buy this limited-edition NFT and you will unlock a full-scale hi-resolution image file after purchasing. You can create a physical fine art print poster with it, to hang it up physically on your favorite wall.

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Set of collectibles from my original painted artwork called "The Hypocrites", 2021

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