The first real house selling via NFT
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This is probably another first in the crypto world - I'm selling my real-world house via NFT.

Have you ever wanted to live in a fairytale village called Kransberg? Now is your chance! Or do you just want to be the first to buy a real house via NFT on the blockchain?

For more information, pictures and social media links klick here

Whatever is your reason, here are some facts about the object:

I won't lie, you'll probably have to do some renovating to get it back into shape. Unless you want to live like Robin Hood, this house needs a lot of attention until you can move in.

However, the location is amazing. I loved growing up in this little sleepy village surrounded by fresh green woods. And did I mention that the village has a castle? When you look out of the window you enjoy a view directly onto the castle. You can also walk up a little mountain and look down from it, feeling like a king. If you are into finance or the big city, don’t worry, Frankfurt (Germany's finance capital) is just a stone's throw away, to speak in numbers, it will take you approx 35 min by car to the international airport and Frankfurt city center.

It used to fit a family of five. So you can host your small family or bring a bunch of friends to this two-story property.
Living Space: ≈140m² Ground Total: ≈260m²

Reason for selling this property: I was born in this house about 30 years ago and my heart is attached to it, as it was my family home while growing up as a kid. But now we have not been living there for a while and it's a shame to see it slowly going down. I am happy if the house gets sold in a unique way - this will add to the story of the property and keep it special forever.

Now to the boring legal stuff:

After purchasing the NFT we will have to run through the normal German legal procedures of handing the house over to you as required by law.

The property will be handed over free of any debts.

By German law, property ownership can be transferred to a real person worldwide but that does not mean Germany will give you a visa because you own property there.

Once I have legally transferred ownership of the property to the new holder of the token, I can not transfer the ownership to anyone else (in case the token is sold to anyone else). Whoever claims ownership first will have to provide the personal details required by german law to claim the property (including the signing of contracts, etc). If the new owner of the token chooses to sell the token, they will have to hand over ownership to the new holder of the token and so on.

The new owner of the token has to provide me with the details required within 6 months of initial purchase and has to be the owner of the NFT during the transfer of ownership. Otherwise, the ownership of the property will not be transferred with no refund.

Whoever holds this token in the future has to claim ownership of the property from whoever sold it to them as the legal owner of the property.
Whoever sells this token in the future has to be the legal owner of the property and transfer it to the new owner of the token in terms of their own agreement.

Attached as lockable content is a unique email to get in touch with me (original property owner) after making the purchase.

Let's do this!

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Probably the first RL real estate to hit the markets as NFT.

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