Wondertech Pledge #04 June 2021
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This exclusive ERC-721 token is a representation of our team commitment to build something exclusively tailored to the token owner inside the Metaverse. We build it, you own it.

Every month we'll release a limited amount of Pledges to build around the Metaverse during the following month. These tokens will be placed on auction using OpenSea. The auction winner will start the building process along with us, where we'll push forward his idea into a fully functional virtual space in the metaverse, during the month indicated on the token. What can I expect if I own the pledge?

We got plenty of background building spaces in the Metaverse and you'll be getting every single feature we've developed so far.

  • Guest Book List
  • NFT access area
  • Social Media links
  • Information placed on UI screen
  • Fully functional working NPC For a whole year, any new Decentraland features developed by our studio will be implemented on your land every 3 months.

Extra value:

Along with our time commitment, we'll also be providing extra value to the token owner.

The building, it's structure, and every single object in the scene will be tokenized as 1/1 token using the Matic L2 network, so you can own everything we produce.
  • Every NPC will be tokenized as a CryptoAvatar.

  • We'll help you to create launch event for your new place.

  • We'll document every inch of the project development to generate educational content.


Do I need to own Decentraland LAND for this?

Yes, you need to own LAND for us to build on, we're not providing any LAND with the pledge. The price based will include up to a 12 LAND estate, If you want to develop something bigger, please contact us prior bidding to confirm.

Can I buy the token and then use it on other time frame than the one indicated on the token?

No, we got the team schedule planned to work for the indicated time period, any delays or changes can harm the overall quality of the project as well as the development efficiency and even affect other projects.

​If you are not available to work with us this time, wait for other months.

Is this only for Decentraland?

Right now, yes.

There will be more tokens for other Metaverse platform in the future. In the case you also want to replicate your building in other platforms, we can also take care of this, but the costs are not covered on this initial Pledge.

Why launching an NFT for this?

In the last few months we've been getting hit by many new interesting clients and projects to build their online presence around the Metaverse. Our time availability is becoming very limited and we want to be upfront on that while experimenting with new ways of revenue models using NFTs. We'll keep doing projects for clients without needing to own a Pledge, but, our most creative and groundbreaking ideas will be poured on the Pledge owners.

For more detailed info about the process: https://www.metaversebuilder.co/wondertech-pledge

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A project with the mission of potentiate and accelerate the Metaverse development. We Imagine, design and develop stunning metaverse environments that contains a huge artistic value. We aim to grow the ecosystem behind various platforms such as Decentraland, CryptoVoxels, The Sandbox and VRChat, among others, by developing buildings and tools useful for their communities.

A Metaverse Building firm from Polygonal Mind

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