Golden Ticket: Bandit #2 Wave w/audio
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Created by YellowHeart

Centerpiece item including audio. Individual band portraits distorted using point cloud morphing and including each band member’s stems from The Bandit. All photos were captured during the recording of When You See Yourself by band member Matthew Followill. Proceeds from the sale of Bandit #2 Wave will benefit Live Nation’s Crew Nation Fund.

  1. Golden Ticket NFT Auction Welcome to the best concert experience of your life, FOR LIFE. This KOL NFT allows the holder to redeem four front row tickets to ANY Kings of Leon headline show, anywhere in the world, once per tour. A luxury SUV, is at your disposal for the night (up to 8 hours), and your on site concierge coordinates all aspects of the arrival, assuring it’s hassle free. This unprecedented, seamless experience from start to finish will have you pulling up next to the tour bus, whisked into a private backstage hospitality zone for a private Meet and Greet with the band, to and from your front row seats. The on site Concierge remains at your disposal until you depart, and will load your merch bags into your car. You will never have to worry about securing tickets to see your favorite band, ever again...every time a new tour goes out, the token may be redeemed. In addition, your wallet gets updated automatically with a copy of each open edition from this collection.

The 6 winners of the "Golden Ticket NFT Auction" will each receive: A) 4 front row tickets to one Kings of Leon headline show per tour, any tour location in the world B) VIP treatment, meet and greet with the band, 4 sets of complete tour merchandise, 8hr SUV limousine, on-site concierge, private backstage hospitality C) One edition of the "Limited Edition NFT Album w/ additional Vinyl Album (physical copy)" D) One edition of each of the "Limited Edition NFT Artwork (no music)" including 'Cherrysmoke #1', 'Cherrysmoke #2', 'ShadowS', E) One edition of each of the "Open Edition NFT Artwork (no music)" including 'Cherrybolt', 'Cherry Echo'

Additional Notes: F) The Golden Ticket NFT's are an edition of 18 NFT's; each edition has unique artwork; only 6 NFT editions will be auctioned to the public, 12 NFT editions are reserved and/or held by the band for future use. G) Golden Ticket NFT's are each freely transferable an unlimited number of times; the 4 front row tickets per tour may be redeemed by whomever is the holder of the NFT at the time of redemption. Once the 4 front row tickets per tour have been redeemed by a Gold Ticket NFT holder, that Golden Ticket NFT may no longer be used to redeem tickets during that KOL tour, regardless of who is holding the NFT. H) Golden Tickets may redeem 4 front row tickets for the duration of the Kings of Leon's touring career. I) Golden Ticket NFT's are not replaceable. If the Golden Ticket NFT is lost or destroyed, or private key or other access is lost, the buyer or holder may not request a replacement. J) YellowHeart, Kings of Leon, and its affiliates are not responsible for the safe keeping of the Golden Ticket NFT and may not be held liable for loss, loss of access, or damage. K) YellowHeart and Kings of Leon are not responsible for any technology failure including but not limited to wallets, exchanges, smart contracts and underlying blockchain protocols. Golden Ticket: Bandit #1 Red owner will receive items A - E as specified above. Edition 2/18 Available March 5 at 12PM EST; Auction ends March 8th, 8PM EST

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The latest work from Kings of Leon begins by asking a question, what do you see, When You See Yourself? Perhaps, the “NFT YOURSELF” collection is the artists’ attempt to answer that question. Digital art techniques like audio-generated imaging, pose detection, and pixel morphing collide with the band’s analog, “less is more” approach. The result is a stunning re-imagination of this family band’s iconic imagery.

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