How to participate in International NFT Day
September 19, 2023

International NFT Day takes place every September 20th in honor of the day ERC-721 was first published. On this day, the NFT community is invited to celebrate NFTs through meetups, minting projects, and more.

What is International NFT Day? 

In 2022, International NFT Day was established by Dapper Labs and others as a way to bring the NFT community together and celebrate one of the most important days in its history. 

On International NFT Day, NFT community members are encouraged to celebrate NFTs through meetups, activations, free NFT mints, and more. The day aims to activate the community and acknowledge how far the space has come. 

Back in 2022, Dieter Shirley, the CTO at Dapper Labs, shared

"Within a few short years, NFTs have already encouraged people to take their first steps into decentralized technology, but we're still early in the journey. NFTs allow people to own a piece of social space, from virtual locations, music, fashion, and art – even individual moments representing significant cultural touchstones. NFT Day gives all creators an opportunity to tell that story together."

What is ERC-721? 

Dieter Shirley is actually the individual who coined the term (and explanation for) NFTs. Dieter published ERC-721 on September 20, 2017, and with it, set the token standard (rules that determine how a token works on the blockchain) for an NFT’s use case. The standard allows users to transfer NFTs, plus check the current balance and supply of NFTs. 

How can members of the NFT community participate in International NFT Day? 

International NFT Day is open to any member of the NFT community with a range of events from official NFT Day-hosted meetups to member-specific activations. 

International NFT Day hosted meetups

While International NFT Day is still in its infancy (this is only the second year of celebrations), it has brought the NFT community together through official NFT Day-hosted meetups. International NFT Day is hosting meetups on September 20th across Europe, India, North America, and parts of South America and Asia. 

Minting the official International NFT Day NFT

Besides showing up to an official meetup, NFT community members will have a free-to-mint NFT they can mint to commemorate International NFT Day. The mint will be available for 24 hours on September 20th. More details on the NFT release will be available closer to mint day. 

Hosting your own meetup or celebration

As a member of the NFT community, you have probably already begun to build an NFT community of your own! September 20th is a good day to host a virtual (or in-person) meetup of your own that celebrates your corner of the NFT world. 

Introducing your own collection on 9/20

Many have also found that September 20th is a fun day to do everything from buying their first NFT to launching their own collection. If this is you, your first step is ensuring you have your own crypto wallet

If you’re new to NFTs, below are a few additional questions and answers you’ll want to remember. 

How do I properly vet an NFT before buying it? 

Web3 technology is still new and constantly evolving, so while no single action guarantees protection, there are best practices that can help. The best rule of thumb is that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Never share your wallet’s seed phrase, be careful when taking actions using your wallet, and make sure to thoroughly evaluate NFTs before buying. 

OpenSea also has an icon visible via a blue checkmark badge on a collection or account. A blue checkmark badge on an account means that account has been verified. A blue checkmark badge on a collection means the collection belongs to a verified account and has significant interest or sales. (OpenSea does not endorse verified accounts or badged collections, and OpenSea makes no representations regarding the NFTs in a verified account or badged collection.)

OpenSea makes no representations or guarantees regarding the collections highlighted in this article.  Users must do their own research and use their own judgment before buying any NFT, including those included in the collections highlighted in this article.  The descriptions of the collections highlighted in this article were adapted from descriptions provided by the NFT creators, not OpenSea.

What is minting? 

“Minting” an NFT is the process of writing a digital item to the blockchain. This establishes its immutable record of authenticity and ownership. When you mint an NFT, you’re its first-ever owner or creator. 

How do I display an NFT once I have it? 

Since there are many types of NFTs (from photographs to music collections to profile pictures), there are many physical and virtual ways to display your NFTs. You can purchase a digital picture frame to showcase your NFT, buy virtual land to create your own gallery or use your NFT as a profile picture on your social media accounts. 

🧠 Q&A

Do I get a certificate of authenticity when I buy an NFT?

Instead of a certificate of authenticity, the the blockchain is used to prove an NFT’s authenticity and ownership. You can use a blockchain explorer, like Etherscan, to search the NFT’s history and learn more about its smart contract.

How can I create an NFT?

Creating an NFT on OpenSea is intuitive and easy. You just need to set up a crypto wallet, choose a blockchain, and upload your artwork!

What gas fees will I pay when buying a NFT?

In web3, the term “gas fee” refers to the payment needed to execute transactions on the blockchain. Gas fees increase when more people use applications that run on top of a blockchain’s network, therefore competing for space within the block. Think of it like Uber’s surge pricing model that increases the cost of booking a ride during the busiest commuting times. OpenSea also doesn’t control gas fees, set gas fees, or receive any of the gas fees incurred by users on the platform. Instead, they all go to network validators or miners.

When you start the NFT purchase process using OpenSea, you’ll see the gas fee broken down by your wallet provider, so you can watch the fee refresh and complete the transaction when it’s low.