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Somewhere Else: A Collection of 100 Palms by Will Nichols

As one of the world's most recognizable and cherished plants, the towering omnipresence of a palm tree is entrancing and comforting, serving as a universal expression of peace and tranquility.

For Los Angeles based artist Will Nichols, palm trees' magnetic pull led him to discover newfound meaning when he first picked up a camera eight years ago. While initially documenting his surroundings as a form of therapy, Will gravitated toward the escapist quality that palm trees undeniably possess. As Will grew deeper into his artistic process, the palm trees he captured began to take shape in hyper-realistic habitats, becoming main characters in their own right and transporting onlookers into alternative new worlds.

In his latest collection, "Somewhere Else: A Collection of 100 Palms," Will showcases his ever-evolving style, presenting 100 photographs that represent his journey and explore the singular source of transportive—and transformational—hope that palm trees hypnotically provide

Aug 2021
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