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Wildlife Wonders by Athumani Maulana

From a creative co-op in Tanzania emerges a new artist and a fresh chapter in Orangehare’s ongoing exploration of the TingaTinga art form. This vibrant collection unfolds within the heart of the Ruvuma Region, where Athumani Maulana was born. Having mastered the traditional TingaTinga art form under his uncle's guidance, Maulana now embraces his role as a custodian of this rich artistic heritage, infusing it with bold colors and intricate patterns that vividly capture the untamed beauty and raw power of East Africa's wildlife. Dedicated to preserving and promoting this distinctive art form, "Wildlife Wonders" by Athumani Maulana serves as both a testament to his artistic vision and an invitation to a global audience to immerse themselves in the richness of Tanzanian TingaTinga art. With each purchase, you contribute your own voice to this movement’s global narrative, and connect yourself to a Tanzanian tradition that remains unbroken six decades after it was founded. See FAQs for Detai

Jun 2024
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