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Hi, my name is Alexey Klimenko I am founder and Director of Inner Space Pictures. For the last 9 years I have been doing super rare digital art - I create immersive shows that are run on digital dome screens (fulldome) such as planetariums and super modern digital immersive theaters. This kind of creativity is a rarity in itself, and I am also unique so far in what exactly I show to the audience. Using the powerful immersive capabilities of a fulldome, I immerse the viewers in their inner world, where they have a unique personal experience and find a treasures within themselves. I am the person who was one of the first in the world, if not the very first, who began to show on the dome images of the subtle spiritual world, creating a deep meditative effect. Here I offer you such art objects that you will not find anywhere else in the world. I will never show a lot of this anywhere, so that it remains exclusive and exists only in your collections. Enjoy my collection!

Mar 2021
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