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Sariku Anira's Wayward Apes

The Year is 2095, and Earth Is a Thriving New Version of Itself Called Meta-Xen. While Most Humans Have Become Accustomed To a Semi-Virtual World, Others Feel There Is Something More Sinister To Earth's Recent Upgrade.

Decades Later, Mysterious Portals Have Emerged In Our Skies, Lands & Waters. Coincidently, During This Time, a Group of Ape-Like Alien Beings Were Welcomed By The Meta-Xen Government.

Dubbed "Wayward Apes" For Their "Lost Soul" & "Ape-ish" Looks, These Extraterrestrial Refugees Have Seemingly Adapted To Our Societies and Cultures Very Quickly.

Hypnotized By Meta-Xen's Hedonistic Night Scene, Waywards Can't Seem To Get Enough of Their New Earthly Playground.

However, Waywards' Natural Vampiric Tendencies Are Becoming Harder To Control.

Wayward Apes Are Collectible Character Based 1 of 1 NFTs With An Upcoming Book Series Attached.

Freely Made By a Sole Artist, Sariku Anira (NO AI or Computer Generated Coding)

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Jul 2022
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