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WawiCalligraphyArt Collection

Hi I'm Wawi and I do my own stylized arabic calligraphy. My art has been growing with me since 2011, it's been gaining finess, color and depth since. When I got into philosophy and meditation, it definitely reflected in my art. My calligraphy developped a myriad of colors and contemporary abstract shapes, giving it another profound dimension. I write a paradox, a story with illegible calligraphy, meant to be felt and experienced through the curves of my gestures, the different rich colors and the variety of the compositions. The mix of my Arabstract (Arabic + Abstract) and stylized calligraphy is my way of expressing how I think, feel and experience the world that is a part of me as I am a part of it. My art represents my journey. It's about spirituality, finding inner power, peace and bliss.

Oct 2021
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