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Waterworld : The Collection

"Waterworld" is Xose personal approach to long exposure photography, where I seek a dialogue between the real and unreal, with easily recognizable objects, product of human activity, situated in a dreamy environment.

The aquatic environment has always given me a special fascination, both for its condition of primary and vital medium, as by the aesthetics that it transfers to the images of long exposure, giving them an ethereal character.

Simple compositions, without distractions, looking for a clear visual reading and direct, inciting surprise as well as leisurely contemplation

"Waterworld" is in turn an exercise in photographic solitude, whispers and silences

Xose is a Multi Award Winning Fine Art Photographer, Waterscapes and long exposure enthusiast His work is present in public and private collections. he had received over 70 awards in national and international competitions. He had several only exhibition and participated in numerous collectives

Aug 2021
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