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Wanderers - RAM Beta Bundle

Each RAM Bundle contains: ✅ 1x Beta Code ✅ 3x Dynamic* Packs of RAM (up to 21 total RAMs) ✅ Highest EVER chances to pull ultra rare RAM cards ✅ Unique Beta RAM cards

RAM introduces a rewarding deck-building feature to Wanderers, allowing players to personalize their play style. Unlock RAM chips and equip your character with the skills and memories of past heroes.

*Dynamic means the amount of cards can be leveled up beyond 3.

A newly minted bundle contains 9 cards with the potential to level up to 21 cards (7 per pack).

Individual RAM Cards have multiple levels of rarity affecting anything from attributes to cosmetic enhancements.

The rarity chances for this mint are significantly higher than they will ever be.

Nov 2023
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