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Waiting for a Train by Yeo Dong Chan

We’re all rushing to get somewhere in life. Work, marriage, home… Yet, when our plans falter and our schedules diverge from perfection, it can leave us feeling adrift, as if we've missed our chance forever. But life is not just a commute from the beginning to the “end of the line.” Delays are inevitable, and sometimes, a detour turns out to be the most scenic route after all. As a businessman turned artist, Yeo Dong Chan understands this journey well.

"Waiting for a Train" heralds the dawn of Yeo's late-in-life artistic career, a testament to the enduring belief that it's never too late to chase one's dreams. Like a train station bustling with arrivals and departures, life offers myriad opportunities for reinvention and renewal. For those who fear they've missed their chance, Yeo's story serves as a poignant reminder that the next train is always on the horizon, ready to carry passengers towards their destinies when they're ready to embark.

Feb 2024
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