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VenusMe patron edition - official

VenusMe patron edition is reserved for honorable donors with a minimum donation of 5.5 ETH to women's rights around the world.

The Greek goddess Venus has arrived in the metaverse as NFT to expand her original values: love, female beauty & passion.

Become a proud owner of a super rare golden patron VenusMe NFT collection (only 555 mintable).

Each patron VenusMe has a price of 5.5 ETH and 95% of it are destined to charity. The smart contract immutably secures, that the collected crypto donations will arrive safely at the Giving Block’s “Crypto for Women’s Rights Campaign”.

Mint a free NFT of the "VenusMe community edition" and send to friends to share the love.

Together we make a change in the world!

Sep 2022
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