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Venturos are animated artworks inspired by the combination of the man and the machine, a relationship that blossoms in the world of racing cars. When asked about performance, people say, uh, it’s all about the cars. It’s not. The car is fifty percent, probably a bit more. Even if it’s seventy-five, or eighty percent, the other twenty percent, which is represented by the driver, is absolutely crucial. But the cars themselves, you either believe this or you don’t, the cars themselves are beautiful things. There’s a beauty to the sense of form following function. That the form of the car expresses the speed that they are going at, when they start moving. And the details of the engineering, even if you are not technically literate, are very beautiful. They are beautiful bits of sculpture. And the combination of those beautiful, inanimate machines, and the hero figures of the drivers, the sense of courage and, romance, that sort of thing, is something that is undeniably attractive.

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