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Adopt an Orphaned Spirit Animal > 1/1 Hand-Animated NFT MetaMythological Creatures ⁣⁣⁣ Name your Valentiger, and we will add it to the Collection description Lore: inspired by William Blake's The Tyger, and my own spiritual journey.

Failed pastor & artist, st. Mars is making a second coming ..... Originally turning down a full scholarship to seminary, Mars chose artschool instead- earning a BFA in painting and printmaking. Being dissatisfied with art careers, Mars returned to ministry as a pastor, only to get kicked out of 2 churches, and causing a church split in another. st. Mars has been artistically born again- again as the patron saint of NFTs. The Valentiger is my spirit animal, they are like the Holy Spirit. They are inspiration, hope, wisdom, and genius. I have owned since 2005 The idea truly came from a mixture of my love for William Blake's The Tyger, and that I was born on Valentine’s Day 1971. It has always been my spirit animal.


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