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USE ME! That’s what Spanish singer Oh Jeff told me when decided to make a collab photoshoot which brought him into showing himself and his physique in a way that touched his Body Dysmorphia.

Dysmorphophobia or Body Dysmorphic Disorder [BDD] is a mental disorder characterized by the obsessive idea that some aspect of one’s own body part or appearance is severely flawed and therefore warrants exceptional measures to hide or fix it.

Some of these images made it to single covers like "Mátame Madrid" [Kill me Madrid]. His 2021 album [Resilience] goes through several different traumas, raising awareness about the importance of mental health in our society.

This collection consists of 12 (1/1) animated glitchy images of the singer blinking from monochrome to color, as well as unlockable contents including high resolution images on IPFS (4000x5000 pixels).

Shot in early 2021 at u.Pro Create in A Coruña (Spain) with Makeup by Adrover.

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