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Unexpected Collection

The creation of my artwork starts with a random scribble drawn in one continuous motion on one side of the paper. The paper's transparency in bright light reveals the scribble's shapes on the other side of the canvas, and they become shapes and outlines for the artwork.

The artwork is completed with intricate hand-drawn details in often textured colors in my unique style. The result is an interplay of graphics that reveal different elements as you study the artwork more closely and in different orientations. At any time, the starting point – the scribble – can be seen through the graphics by looking at the artwork against a light. Light reveals the journey my imagination has done.

The unlockable content of this collection engages you in the creation of a truly unique, unexpected work of art by me. Take the chance and expect to be surprised!

You can read more about me & my sources of inspiration on my profile at NFTstore.Gallery

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Oct 2021
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