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The “Dark Series” is an emotionally dense body of work created on various mediums, canvas, linen, or board, featuring dark, broad black textured strokes. Townley was in New York for 4 years searching for the perfect space for the art center of NYAFAIR and venue. For the entirety of 2019, he built an art center,, with a staff of 20 which was 15,000 sq. ft, 3 levels and a cafe. In Feb 2020, Townley had a vision of dark times to come, which was revealed in his work called the "Dark Series". The "Dark Series" was displayed as a solo show during the month of March 2020. It just so happened to be the exact month the world was taken over by Covid, especially New York. This was the final month and the closing of the New York Art Center to follow Townley’s solo show.

Nov 2021
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