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Sacrificed TOMO

🚨You can burn this collection to claim SHOUNEN Anime Pixel Art🚨

The TOMO are the progenitors of the SHOUNEN Universe. For eons, we have been searching for a home, and now, we've found it, here in SHN-0l. It is here that we sought refuge, and belonged to a community that was our own.

Welcome to the TOMO Genesis Collection.

TOMO Alpha’s Utility includes:

✅ Providing Curated Whitelist Projects to our Holders by TOMO Team (3000+ WL, 70+ Projects in first 30 days)

✅ Crypto & Forex Technical Analysis by Sam J

✅ Valuable NFT Calls & Project Analytics (ETH, SOL, Crypto News) by Memories & Alpha Solutions

✅ Market Bots with Real-Time Data (FOMO Alerts, Mint, Contract Alert, Premint) by Promint

Sep 2022
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