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Tokyo Walks by Sean Bonner

Between 2012-2013 I spent many nights walking around Tokyo taking photos of people. I looked for their faces and expression, actions and attitudes. I started to wonder what other people saw and what they didn’t, and what snapshots of moments might tell us later on. Using a flash, I began to take photos of people’s shoes as they were walking past me. It’s said that shoes say a lot about a person and, especially in the dark of night, this felt almost like overhearing a secret. These were shot either with a Leica Monochrom or an M7 35mm film camera so in many cases I had no idea what I’d captured until weeks or months later. I’ve picked 15 of those images that I think tell a story about a time and a place. Snapshots of fleeting moments. I’d initially planned to include these in my book “Don’t Go Outside” but they felt so different than the rest of my work that II ultimately decided not to include them. This collection is the first time they’ve every been offered publicly.

Aug 2021
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