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Three Roads

Three Roads is a journey into my mind as it was unraveling and on the road to recovery. Each one comes with a small part of my story. 30 1/1 editions.

Before Covid and lockdowns, I had a mental health crisis that caused a self-imposed isolation. Anxiety and depression meant that I didn't feel able to be far from my home. I had to force myself to walk around the block with my camera and take pictures. I restricted myself to shooting within a three road radius of my home.

At first, I was just taking pictures of anything but I started noticing details on the streets that struck me as odd or even made me smile. By focusing on these small "insignificant" things, I was able to figure out what was going on in my head. I was unconsciously photographing locks, gates, bars, chains, fences and discarded things. This is how I felt inside.

These photographs set me free.

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Aug 2021
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