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Fluff Forest

There is little to be desired when strolling in the woods of Thessa having your face gently hugged by the calm summer breeze. The country of Loniki offers many such woods and nature monuments but this very forest houses some rather unique snowflakes.

Betty, our little raccoon, knows all this and has no intention to move anywhere else other than her comfy tree with the thick green leaves that offer their valuable shadow, especially during the 600 °C Thessa summers.

She and her friends, Peggy the llama, Spielbee the Queen Bee and Koky the giraffe find this place something more than just home... It’s their shrine. It’s where they belong, breathe, play and live their days playing on the rather spectacular forest subway by visiting all parts of the woods.

A shrine soon to left behind though. As they turn 18, every critter from every place on the planet needs to embark on an adventure that will change their lives. An adventure to the mystic fields of Mount Life.

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Aug 2022
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