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The She Crypto Saints

The She Crypto Saints is an NFT collection of 100 digitally drawn female saints, alive and meaningful. Check the project, roadmap and perks here: Each Saint is unique in her design and represents her own original history, personality, and power.
Each Crypto Saint has her bio and Guarding Power.

They were real people that lived through the ages and now they will live forever on the blockchain. Chose yours. Collect them, have them, carry them with you, in all of the Universe.

The Owners of a She Crypto Saint partecipate in the Creators Manifesto Projects that focus on empowering emerging creators and artist and promoting diversity and equality, in and out the NFT space.

Holders will also participate in the She Crypto Saints Club for experiences, activations, exclusive club and more benefits, once the roadmap reaches 80%.

Dec 2021
Creator earnings