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The Pals Universe By Sean Webster

The Pals are a collection of 4,444 1/1 hand-drawn NFTs by street artist Sean Webster. Yes, EVERY character in the collection is hand drawn by Sean, with generative traits added to match each Pal's unique style and personality. These happy little fellas reflect the raw creativity bouncing around inside us all and are here to help us channel our emotions into a positive creative outlet.

Without darkness, however, we cannot have the light. The Foes are born of Sean's fears, self-doubt and uncertainty within this hostile world. This dark side is integral to the creation of art and inextricably linked to our good nature. Although The Foes like to indulge in a little chaos, they are much a part of us as The Pals. Finding balance between the two is crucial for a happy, creative human being.

Nov 2022
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