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TheHolyOnes NFT

The Holy Ones is an NFT collection whose art is inspired by world-famous holy beings. At the same time, its utility is a blockchain skill-based and wager-based gaming ecosystem on Polygon. The gaming ecosystem hosts a variety of games in both metaverse and DApp formats, with a unique ability to earn through your NFT Token.

Our mission is to build a first-of-its-kind gaming experience while creating a DAO-driven gaming ecosystem. Our community will work together to bring diverse new games to the metaverse and DApp platform.

Our vision is to create the next generation of wager-based games. These games will utilize the Holy Ones Avatars in several ways and be a model for the future of Wager2Play on-chain and crypto play experiences.

**The Holy Ones NFT is built entirely by Metaskins Studio - Our metaverse design studio located in Medellin, Colombia specializing in metaverse wearables, avatars, scenes + build-outs, NFT projects, gaming and metaverse events.

Feb 2022
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