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The Balancing Act

A visual metaphor for keeping the right balance in your life… family, work, time for yourself, and NFTs. With the dawn of 24 hour nonstop pace of NFts, I've noticed how it has affected me and other artists. The constant need to promote and create in order to “make it” starts to take its toll over time. Each day starts with the pressure to interact on socials, join discords, hosts clubhouse events, and, oh yeah, time to make art. This can start to add up and next thing you know you are consumed by the hustle.

To keep a good balance in your life, we have to make conscious efforts to slow down and spend time with the family, friends, and yourself. Sometimes, there are events out of our control and we need to adjust too keep everything stable. I’ve had a long list of these uncontrollable events over the recent years (too many to list) and had to work hard to keep things in balance.

Oct 2021
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