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The Nereids

Greek Mythology with a modern twist!

The Nereids are sea nymphs, Goddesses of the sea and Protectors of sailors and fisherman. With their sass, wit and pointy tridents, they are not to be trifled with. They are the 50 daughters of the old man of the sea, Nereus.

50 daughters!?

Yeah, this silver fox went grey way before his time and you can imagine why. ..

He spends his time soothing relentless sisterly squabbles and sharpening his trident to ward off the many male callers. The eye rolls, the mood swings and the shopping trips are wearing him down and the phone bill is through the roof!

He reminisces of the days when life was as simple as dress ups and tea parties…

The 50 daughters of Nereus, The Nereids. 50 different girls available, dropped in batches of 10!

Mar 2022
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