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The Embrace by Rick Prol

Once hailed as the “Master of Gothic Angst” by American art critic Edward Leffingwell, New York native Rick Prol returns to Opensea with “The Embrace.” This collection of three NFTs features one of Rick’s most famous characters, the “Cat O Puss.” Part cat, part octopus, all cyborg—this fan favorite seems to have his tentacles wrapped around a mysterious woman, begging us to “use our imagination.” Although the subject matter may appear rather seedy, their relationship is intriguingly ambiguous. Violent and tender, hostile yet friendly, they embrace a dynamic that is both unsettling and captivating. Rooted in the punk ethos and influenced by a range of historical references, "The Embrace" captures the essence of Prol's unique artistic vision, blending dark humor with a thought-provoking narrative.

Jun 2024
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