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TEK 001

tËks are the building blocks of this new world - your means of interacting with it.

Narrowly speaking, a tËk is a physical key for a digital world. As of now, they are in the V1 phase, displayed as NFTs. Each NFT can be forged into a triangular gold or silver key which contains a scroll of paper with space for a written recovery seed phrase. This unique code acts as an access point to XELA and can create other meta/artifacts.

The drop features limited edition Argenta, Electrum, and Aurum tËks that will be required to forge Major, Meta, and Mystic quality artifacts during Obtainable’s first Mystic Forge event. Owners of tËks will be eligible for easter egg airdrops in the future, such as rare art and forging materials in addition to having chances to customize their tËks in The Forge.

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Jun 2021
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