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Super Space Defenders

  • Super Space Defenders is an upcoming NFT Collection consisting of 4,444 cloned individuals with different personalities, political affinities and styles, living in a reality where the human species is only a memory in the history books. The solar system is now inhabited by the Aurora Sapiens, biological duplicates with synthetic additives from Subject #4,444 Aurora, the only human whose genetic code managed to be replicated.
  • They’re mainly divided in two groups: The Elites and The Citizens. The Elites are a group of wealthy Families that govern the galaxy, while the Citizens are the workforce of the galaxy, living under the Elite’s rules. But... it's time for some changes, isn't it?!
  • Will you join the Rebels' growing force fighting for justice, or will you keep feeding the Elites' power and greed?
  • Super Space Defenders
Sep 2022
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